Local Path

As for your clothing, you should put on something appropriate for hiking, a hat and lots of sunscreen. Moreover, we would suggest snickers and a swimming suit if your activity contains going for a swim.

Local Path packages contain a wide range of activities that are designed accordingly. So you will be informed beforehand about how demanding an activity or a package can be.

On Folegandros there aren’t any dangerous animals or poisonous snakes. As for the insects, there are bees that are not going to attack you but do demand your respect. If someone is allergic he should inform the guide beforehand, who will have a fully equipped first aid kit with him. Local Path donkeys are very friendly and sociable and as long as you follow the guide’s advice there won’t be any problems… except from not being able to let them go!

All activities take place outdoors, so you will be hiking along paths and splendid beaches. The paths are not dangerous for any reason but you should be fully alert and concentrated in the guide’s instructions.

In order to assist you in the best possible way, we suggest you book in advance as it’s quite possible there won’t be a place or an available guide straight away and we will let you down.